How Much A Bathroom Remodeling Job Costs

Why should I remodel my bathroom?

There may be several reasons why you may need to remodel your bathroom. Some may be because you are not happy with how it is, or it is just time that it gets remodeled. If it is time, it is because it has been many years since it was renovated and has become outdated. For some, it is because the design you found in your Austin home when you moved in, was meant for someone else. Circumstances may also force you to do some remodeling of your bathroom. After all, it is for your benefit. Below are some of the top ten reasons why you should consider bathroom remodeling.

To increase the home’s sale value

Homes experience wear and tear over time. One such place that the impact is profoundly felt is the bathroom. The bathroom will look older than the rest of the house because of the hot water that causes moisture. Estate agents know this. One of the important factors that they check when they are valuing a home is the condition of the bathroom. A bathroom in good condition will raise the value of the house. Therefore, if you are contemplating selling your house and moving, it is a good idea that you remodel your bathroom to increase its sale value.

For safety reasons

Some things indicate that your bathroom is not safe. Some of the common ones have something to do with tiles. You probably have ignored them for a long time, but if you know your bathroom tiles are slippery or are broken, your bathroom is not safe. There may also be water leakages, which make the floor slippery and walls damp. It may also come in contact with electrical cables. If your bathroom has any of these signs, then you should consider remodeling it.

The plumbing needs to be fixed.

The plumbing in the bathroom deteriorates with time. If you are experiencing constant problems in your bathroom that are plumbing related, then it is a sign that it needs to be redone to avoid them recurring. Mostly, you will be calling a plumber to fix something small, and then after a few days calling them to fix something else. This is annoying, inefficient and costly. You just need the bathroom to be fixed, and the best solution is for the bathroom to be remodeled.

To add a bathroom

One of the top reasons people do a bathroom remodeling project in their San Mateo home is to add a bathroom. Among the most common reasons to add a bathroom are to create a master suite, turn a closet into a half bath or add a bathroom to a floor that doesn’t have one, such as a basement.

Adding a bathroom is an expensive project, especially if it is in an area of the house that is far away from pipes and plumbing connections, so you should ensure you thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of such a project.

To expand a bathroom

Not everyone has the space or the money to completely add a new bathroom, but a good alternative can be to enlarge and expand an existing bathroom. One common bathroom project is to enlarge a half bath by adding a shower and/or tub. You also might add a tub to a shower. Such projects can be done without too much expense and can greatly add value to your home.

Suit Yourself

Is your bathroom lined with once-fashionable, now-ugly tile? Does the builder-grade cabinetry look all the worse for years of wear and tear? If you hate everything about your bathroom, perhaps only a full-scale gut renovation could bring it up to your standards. There are, however, many situations where a few discreet, modest upgrades can achieve high-impact results.

Store More

People bemoan the fact that, as the saying goes, “They don’t build ’em like they used to.” But some features—storage capacity, for instance—have improved with time. To the great joy of many homeowners, the average bathroom has gotten bigger over the years. For those who are making do with older bathrooms plagued by too-small footprints or inconvenient layouts, the tight quarters often provide enough incentive to start knocking down walls. But it’s not always necessary to go that far in order to gain storage and get your sanity back.

If your bathroom is outdated

Newer bathroom products keep on emerging on the market, and there are more attractive bathroom interior designs that make the bathrooms look modern. If you compare them and your bathroom and feel that yours looks old, then it is outdated, and something needs to be done about it. An outdated bathroom makes one feel unhappy and has an impact on your day because it is the first place you go when you get out of bed. You may even feel uncomfortable letting people into your bathroom. Remodel your bathroom because it will make you happy.

Mold and mildew are increasing.

As the bathroom stays for long without being remodeled, mold and mildew keep on increasing. As a result, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom, and it becomes even more hectic. If you are experiencing this, then your bathroom needs some attention. Mildew and mold make it hard to clean your bathroom. Remodeling is something that will make your time cleaning easier and even make you happier.

To install water-saving devices

Just about any bathroom could be improved in ways that will save water, and remodeling to install water-saving devices is a good reason to do work on your bathroom. Some common water-saving devices are low-flow shower heads and low-flow toilets.

To improve overall energy efficiency

While saving water is a good goal in your bathroom, why stop there? There are some things you can do to improve your overall energy efficiency in your bathroom. Installing LED or CFL lights will save you on your electricity costs. Putting in a more efficient ventilation fan can also save money on your energy costs. You can make energy-efficient changes on their own or as part of a larger bathroom remodel.